I am very glad you saw us. We are a studio-like jewelry brand. Strictly speaking, this is my dad's studio. As my dad is getting older, I took this task from him. My dad has been engaged in the processing of jewelry for more than 20 years. He has long been doing processing for brands such as Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom, from bracelets to pendants. From brooches to ear studs. He is very skilled, in my heart my father is Superman, he can handle many jewelry processing tasks. During his work, he always worked alone in the studio until late at night. He could also suddenly get up and draw sketches at any time for an inspiration. He was always so focused.

As my dad is getting older, he is no longer competent for many jobs. I took the baton from him in 2018. There is a saying in China: "take over father's business(子承父业)." Yes, it is like this.

After I took over, I think the studio should not simply become the processing party. If it goes on for a long time, as the market competition increases, our orders will decrease. Now that our processing has received recognition from the brand side. We also have the ability to process. I think that combining my father's years of operating experience and my understanding of products. You can have your own products, your own brand, and your own core competitiveness. After a brief communication with my dad, my dad expressed his agreement very much and recognized my approach, and DENGYOUQI jewelry was born.

Then I invited my classmate as our collaborator. He is a graduate student from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. He has been engaged in design for 10 years and has extensive design experience. He is also very happy to join us. And I am responsible for the overall control and operation of the product, plus the staff of Dad's studio, so our team was established.

Our materials come from all over the world, from agate, fossils, gold and silver, leather products, etc., are processed with high-quality raw materials, and they are all handmade, and every detail is not overlooked.

Our design is mainly based on simplicity. This is our main theme. Of course, everything is our design inspiration, and we will have richer and fuller designs. From hand-carved wax, CAD drawing, and 3D wax spraying are only part of the production of products, we adopt a method that is more in line with product requirements to restore the most exquisite parts of the product.

We are still a young brand, but as mentioned earlier, we have a wealth of experience. This is the reason why the brand can grow rapidly. We always believe that a great brand needs historical precipitation and inheritance, but more important Yes, it requires continuous integration and innovation. When we redefine and change the taste of men, every moment of movement symbolizes the pursuit of quality.

Thank you for your reading, if you choose a product, we will be very grateful for your support, and also very grateful for your suggestions or comments later. Goodbye!


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