DYQ JEWELRY 925 Silver Skull Blue Sodalite Man's Bracelet

SIZE: S - Long 18CM
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Introducing the DYQ JEWELRY 925 Silver Skull Blue Sodalite Man's Bracelet, a unique and striking piece that combines craftsmanship with bold style. This bracelet features an original design with an 8mm diameter blue sodalite bead, showcasing a captivating Tang Grass pattern skull.

Crafted with attention to detail, this bracelet is made from high-quality 925 sterling silver, ensuring durability and lasting shine. The blue sodalite bead adds a touch of natural beauty, complemented by the intricate Tang Grass pattern that adds a touch of artistic flair.

With its edgy yet sophisticated design, this bracelet is perfect for those who appreciate distinctive accessories. The skull symbolizes strength and individuality, while the blue sodalite stone promotes calmness and self-expression.

Available in different lengths, choose the size that fits you best for a comfortable and personalized fit. Whether worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, this DYQ JEWELRY creation is bound to make a statement and elevate your style.

Experience the fusion of elegance and boldness with the DYQ JEWELRY 925 Silver Skull Blue Sodalite Man's Bracelet. Embrace your unique style and showcase your individuality with this exceptional piece of jewelry.

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