DYQ JEWELRY Handmade Crazy Horse Skin Wallet Mobile Bag Wallet

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Material: Imported top layer cowhide Size: 9 * 2.5 * 19.5cm
Style: Long Wallet
Structure: Zipper pocket
Weight: 0.65KG Capacity: 8 slots, cash, driver's license, bank card, car key, mobile phone


Care Instructions:

1. Although genuine leather has some water resistance, it should be avoided from getting wet. If it does get wet, it should be promptly wiped dry and allowed to air dry. Do not soak or wash with water.

2. Avoid scratching the leather surface with sharp objects and refrain from exposing it to high temperatures for prolonged periods. Keep it clean and dry, and store it in a moisture-free environment.

3. Periodically use leather conditioner to maintain the leather's quality. Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the metal fittings and keep them shiny.

Possible situations with top-grain leather products:

1. Natural leather is made from the whole piece of animal hide, and different parts of the hide may have varying grain patterns. This is different from synthetic leather, which can have consistent patterns.

2. During the growth of the animal, scars, spots, and wrinkles may appear on the leather, and there may be slight handcrafted marks during the manufacturing process.

3. Leather products may have a slight leather odor, which can be dispersed by placing them in a well-ventilated area or by gradually dissipating over time with use.

4. When exposed to moisture from sweat or rain, there may be color transfer or staining onto other garments due to friction. Please take caution.

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